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Created at If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale. Want more deals like this? This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. I have had this for years. Still one of the best apps around for basic functions. Helpful Comment? The UP 3 is a one-size fits most design with dimensions of mm x The Up 24 can give a better fit thanks to the various sizes available and weighs less, making it the better option in this area.

The Up 3 is waterproof in up to 10m of water so you can swim, dive an more with no worries. Advantage UP3. The UP24 has an tri-axis accelerometer to differentiate between steps and climbing, which gives a better indication of actual calories burned.

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The UP3 has multiple sensors: The wide range of sensors gives a much more clear and accurate depiction of how your body is moving and gives the Up 3 a distinct advantage. Plus, it has 3 LED indicators, showing how you stack up in terms of sleep and movement and signals notifications as compared to the Up 24 which only indicates daily overall progress. The UP2 is fitted with a tari-axis accelerometer, so it can detect not just when you move, but how.

It can tell steps, distance and heights, for more well-rounded data. The sensors can also help track sleep patterns, for an overall picture of your cardiovascular health. The Up 24 comes with a 32mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery that can last up to 14 days with proper software updates.

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It can be fully charged in 80 minutes. The UP3 has a rechargeable 38 mAh Lithium-Ion polymer battery that lasts 7 days and charges within minutes, giving the 24 a clear advantage. Even better, it can last for 10 days on a single charge, giving it the clear advantage here. The main features are where these three devices really differ. The addition of the heart-rate sensor lets the UP3 track your progress with pin-point precision.

It can analyze multiple aspects of your exercise regimen and see how it impact multiple areas of your health. This gives you a more realistic picture of whether or not you are exercising right. Your calories burned and daily movements will be much more precisely tracked. These extras are what make the Up 3 more appealing. Either one of these devices would be a great choice, but the Up3 is the clear winner. It is only priced a little bit higher, yet you get so many more features for a completely customized and comprehensive analysis of your daily activities.

Minimalists love the simplicity and streamlined focus of the Up 24 while health aficionados rave over the complex analyzing the UP3 can perform. They love that you get so much while paying so little- and I agree!

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Your email address will not be published. This isn't quite as smart as it sounds, however. Essentially the app will ask you what you were doing during that period, as it spots something that isn't walking, then you can log it, or it can suck data from Endomondo, Strava and the like. This works easily and makes tracking exercise simple, but it doesn't add anything to your daily fitness achievements as Jawbone sees it; it just acts as a digital notepad, recording your workouts. Much more useful is the introduction of Duels. This allows you to challenge others to competitions and is a really good way to get motivated and remain interested in the app.

Although bear in mind that if you walk 50 steps then cycle up the Pyrenees, then do 50 one-armed pressups, although the UP app will record all that, it won't count it. So if your Duel rival walks 51 steps to get to a burger bar that sells beers, you still lose. Food tracking is also possible but inputting this gets old fast.

The app also works with other software like Strava, MyFitnessPal, Nest and more so life tracking is seamless within the app. It even offers feedback with tips on eating, exercising and sleeping to make the user better at each. Sleep tracking is what Jawbone is really good at. This is just as big a part of the band and app as activity tracking.

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While the UP2 just tracks basic sleep, and UP3 tracks deeper sleep variations, this model still offers plenty. A double tap can activate sleep mode but if you forget, the app will auto-detect and ask for confirmation of sleep in the morning. Not only can you now see how well you slept, including deep and light sleep, but you can be alerted on ways to do it better.

Setting a bedtime that hits that magic eight-hour sleep mark is an option. There are also tips from the app's Smart Coach on how to sleep better. Thanks to the vibrating alarm you can be woken during light sleep, before slipping back into deep, to feel refreshed because you've woken more naturally.

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This is the one killer feature of sleep tracking in my view, and certainly more useful than the app advising you to go to bed earlier. Jawbone is not trying to take over the world, instead it's cutting out a niche with its offering and inviting everyone to join in.

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The app, with this is mind, works with most other tracking apps out there. So if you've been tracking your meals on MyFitnessPal and don't want to change you can continue and the Jawbone UP app will pull that data in too. The same goes for exercise with apps like Strava. The app itself is clear, attractive and easy to understand. Daily activity tracking and nightly sleep are shown at the top with options to delve deeper for more analysis.

The Smart Coach offers tips based on activity and can be clicked on to go to sites for more in-depth articles from around the web. Duels mode allows for battling that can help encourage competition and keep you coming back for more. This is not some Garmin or Polar type experience where you can dig into deep analyses of your fitness performance. It's a bright and breezy motivational tool for those who want to do more exercise and feel better. As the additional sensors in the the Jawbone UP3 don't currently add a lot to the experience apart from additional cost, what you're getting here is much the same experience for less money.

The app is very strong, the smart alarm works well to wake you from light sleep rather than jolting you back to life whilst in deep sleep, and the basic fitness stuff is all well handled. As with the UP3, the lack of full waterproofing is an irritant. I also have to say that there's not a lot here that you can't get from the movement sensors found in most modern smartphones though that does mean you always need to have your phone in your pocket.

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Jawbone has set itself up as one of the leaders in activity and sleep tracking. The UP2 band is smart, attractive, light and offers a battery life that lets you largely forget it's even there. A lack of waterproofing and heart rate sensors means it's limited for some users. But for those aiming to track sleep and basic activity this does the job. It's like a more attractive Fitbit Flex. The app for UP is second to none in the 'lifestyle' field, with relatively detailed sleep analysis, Smart Coach feedback that makes the data a bit more useful, plus smart alarms and auto activity tracking.