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Her lawyers found he was covered by one of the country's largest dental insurers, but data protection laws mean that if a dentist decides not to cooperate with a claim, the patient has no case. In February this year, Dr Brunelle was struck off by the General Dental Council after being sued by two other patients. The Mail was unable to contact him for comment. I feel robbed. So many people want to emulate that Hollywood smile that dentists now see cosmetic dentistry as a lucrative sideline.

It's all done privately, so there are no fixed tariffs. There are no controls - any qualified dentist can set themselves up as a cosmetic dentist without further specialist training, and anyone can get a Harley Street address. Some procedures - such as porcelain veneers, are very destructive, he says. They also need replacing every ten years or so. She says: 'The dentist told me my teeth would be sensitive for a while, but I was left in agony, and on the strongest painkillers my doctor could give me.

Dental hell: Julie Davis was fitted with a set of ten veneers when she took part in the TV make-over show Ten Years Younger and was in agony for a year as a result. The mother-of-three from Worthing says of her teeth: 'One slightly crossed the other. I had no idea they would take so much enamel away, exposing nerve endings.

Dr Hundle told the Mail: 'Mrs Davis was told about all the options and procedures, as well as post-operative warnings, such as pain and sensitivity she would experience after the veneers were fitted, which she fully understood. I have seen clients experiencing no symptoms at all and others taking the better part of a year for their symptoms to settle. Frances Courtney, 53, sought treatment for a wobbly tooth in February, You have advanced gum disease, all your teeth could fall out any day.

Dr Hallgren told Frances she was an unsuitable candidate for dentures and needed all of her upper teeth removed and replaced with 12 metal implants to hold a bridge.

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As this would take months to make, Frances and Dr Hallgren agreed she should have a temporary bridge fitted. She was told this would take around four hours. All of my top teeth had been taken out and there were five large screws sticking out. Dr Hallgren said Frances hadn't responded well to sedation, making it impossible to complete the procedure without putting her health at risk.

She sent her home with temporary 'copings' - the long screws - sticking out of the five implants she had inserted. The next day, Frances returned for seven hours of surgery to remove the copings and fit the temporary bridge. She looked in the mirror at home that night and saw what had been left in her mouth: 'It looked like a yellow gumshield, with teeth drawn on. It was truly horrific.

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Worse still, Frances's gums became inflamed and the following morning she was in agony. Dr Hallgren had gone on holiday for two weeks, so she went to her GP, who prescribed tranquillisers and referred her to a maxillo-facial specialist - who treats diseases of the head, neck, jaws and teeth - at Addenbrooke's NHS hospital in Cambridge the following week.

The specialist agreed Frances needed immediate remedial work, but without the equipment to remove her implant system, Frances had no choice but to wait for Dr Hallgren's return, when she had the bridge and one of the five implants removed.

Now nearly toothless as she waited for yet another bridge, Frances tried to stagger on at work. She says: 'In the mirror I could see one of the remaining implants pulsing. Just touching it was agony. I've had three children and never felt pain like this.

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Ideal for all hair types and ages, this tool can be a unique and easy way to create classic hairstyles hassle-free. Designed to strengthen and revitalise hair follicles to grow new, thicker hair, this Regaine scalp foam is easy-to-apply. These hair dryers can be ideal for those who wish to achieve salon-like results in the comfort of their own home or while travelling.

These products feature properties that can contribute to the overall effect of achieving thicker and more shiny-looking hair. Comprising of five hair styling tools and a stand, this practical set can make a useful addition to most dressing tables or vanities. Create stunning curls and waves to achieve a flawless look with these easy-to-use long and short curlers. Featuring a wide choice of colours and designs, this headband can complement both an everyday outfit and a party attire. Designed to help revitalise hair fibres for a softer, smoother finish, this hair-care bundle includes a shampoo, conditioner and mask.

Clients can treat their hair to a revival with a cut or restyle and a blow-dry complemented with a deluxe conditioning treatment. Designed to add some more volume and length to a hairstyle, these extensions come in natural colours. Formulated to repair and soften skin and hair, this dry oil features a silicone-free formula; suitable for all skin and hair types.

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This dry shampoo helps to absorb the hair oils without weighing it down to extend that clean hair look and revive volume. Locks can be revitalised with a conditioning treatment, and given a makeover with a three-step service featuring a cut and blow-dry. This Revlon Uniq hair treatment is a leave-in spray which gives a host of benefits to all hair types, including the prevention of split ends. Featuring travel-size shampoo, conditioner and other cosmetics, this set is inspired by back-stage know-how to help create the look.

Comprising hair bands, clips, organising band and a gift box, this hair accessories set can be ideal as a gift. Customers can give their locks a makeover with a cut or restyle complemented with a blow-dry and deep express repair treatment. Designed to help nourish and deliver protection, conditioning and smoothness to hair, these hair products can be ideal for home treatment.

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Take care of the hair and keep it in good condition with these hair products, featuring a paraben-free, dermatologically tested formula. The scalp massage brush provides gentle stimulation to improve the blood circulation and promote hair growth; can be used when shampooing.

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If you are in need of a quick blow dry, London has some of the best blow dry bars that can get your short or long locks styled just the way you want them.